About Us

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Once upon a time there were two sisters who loved to bake, and because Dad was a “foodie”, growing up was a lot of fun! We spent weekends trying new restaurants and we always ordered dessert. Sari was convinced she could replicate the yummy dessert she had tried that weekend, so she experimented until the taste was what she envisioned. With a pinch of this and a drop of that, the decadent fudgy brownie and chocolate chip banana bread were born. Janie, on the other hand, was an entrepreneur from the start. She had a knack for building, from a “house” she built on the side of our house to an ice cream cart she constructed out of wood. Her homemade ice cream sandwiches went into the cart and she took summer fairs and fests by storm! Years later, Janie was determined to replicate a long yearned for family toffee recipe. She worked very hard at finding the perfect balance of buttery, chocolaty, lightly salted non sticky goodness. One day, after many attempts to perfect the toffee, she hit on the perfect batch. When she brought it to the next family get together, we were all amazed how delicious this new toffee was..and begged to know where she had gotten it. We had no clue it was a Janie creation! We knew we were on to something…. But let’s not forget about the buttery melt in your mouth cookies. An old neighbor of ours used to make this type of cookie at Christmas, and when our parents went to their home for their annual adult party, us kids couldn't wait to have our own special plate of these cookies. Janie was intent on re-creating this intense buttery flavor, but wanted to come up with her own version. We think she succeeded! A nut free, intensely buttery melt in your mouth powdered sugar cookie is now one of sweet time’s signature items! So we created, developed , baked and shared our recipes with family and friends until we got so tired of hearing “why don’t you sell your delicious sweets” , that we finally listened! sweet time was born in February, 2012. Our name is a spin-off from our other business, a temporary employment agency called temp time, inc. Being raised as “foodies”, we think it’s always time for sweets…so it just seemed fitting that we name our new business sweet time, inc! The naturally gluten-free milk chocolate almond toffee, decadent fudgy brownies and buttery melt in your mouth powdered sugar cookies are our three signature items. We also sell various mini and large cake loaves, rich and moist chocolate chip banana, sour cream streusel, lemon, pumpkin (seasonal) and carrot. We also offer a lemon “burst”, our version of the lemon square, luscious seven layer bars, mandelbrot with chips or cinnamon sugared and the classic meringue cookie with chocolate chips. We just developed a new line of sugar-free items and a few other gluten-free items as well.